Book Two: On The Trail of John Brown’s Body

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jbblargeIn Book One of the Young Heroes of History Series, David and George Adams were caught up in an adventure that brought them face to face with a fugitive slave. In Book Two of the Series, we find them getting deeper into the slavery crisis. The only person who can help David is his father John who lives in the dangerous, violent territory nicknamed “Bleeding Kansas”. David runs away to join his father, unaware that George is following him. Unfortunately, neither boy knows that for years, David’s parents have been involved with the infamous John Brown and his violent plans to end slavery

On the Trail of John Brown’s Body is an adventure/mystery story that finds David and George becoming more and more involved with Brown’s secret plot to overthrow the federal government and start a slave uprising throughout the south. The pair are followed, threatened and even attacked by both abolitionists and slave supporters alike.

Finally, when they learn the truth of John Brown’s raid the family itself becomes involved in a desperate struggle of life and death as each take different sides in the heated slavery debate. Whether the family will be able to help John Brown in his bold plan or warn the town of Harpers Ferry in time to stop him is the question!


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