Who Are The Young Heroes of History?

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threebooksThere are many ways to describe a hero. Most of us know the famous ones in our history: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and others. But what about the people like you and me who are just trying to do the best we can in the times we live in? Are we heroes? Do we deserve any recognition? If you are anything like the characters in these books then you probably do.

Very few of us know about the heroes who never made it into our classrooms but who are heroes just the same. These are the people who had to try to survive during terrible times of war, disease, slavery or any other kind of terror that our history inflicted upon them. Not only did these people survive these times, many of them excelled and all of them helped to make our history the way it was. They were all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors. We forget that all of our great heroes were children first and we realize even less that many of our children were heroes while they were children.

Young Heroes of History focuses on these children and young adults who were heroes of their own. They weren’t famous, they weren’t popular but they were brave and strong of body and spirit. They were very much like yourself and they had to deal with all kinds of difficult scary situations that some of us could only imagine.

The young characters in these stories are made up but the situations are not. This is historical fiction. That means that while the main characters and the basic storyline are imagination, the situation that they are in and the challenges they have to overcome are real. Stories like the ones in Young Heroes of History happened all the time. In fact, much of what you read comes from real people and real events but we have put new characters in. Indeed, when you look at the cast of characters you will notice that many of the people listed actually existed and did the kind of things they do in this story.