Young Heroes of History by Alan N. Kay

A Civil War Family Saga for Children and Young Adults

The Vision

Young Heroes of History is a series of books that focuses on one family and how they are affected by the Civil War. Each book deals with a different family member and sometimes they bring in friends of the family. (As in Book 7 where we read about a free black who has joined the army.)

Each story is self-contained, with a specific plot, characters and climax that make it an exciting adventure all on its own.  All in all, it is a series that ties in so well that the reader will easily see how one book is related to another.

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In the Classroom

Young Heroes of History books are designed for the middle age reader and can be used in various ways both inside and outside the classroom. Free Lesson plans are already available (and free for the asking) from our website.  In addition, the books are easy enough to utilize that individual teachers can draw up their own plans. For further questions and advice on how to teach, feel free to contact the author. As a teacher himself, he has plenty of ideas to share with you.

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For Parents

Is your child interested in history but can’t find the right books to read? Or are you interested in history and wish you could instill that same interest in your child? Do you have a desire to see the history of the Civil War in the same way that the people of the times saw it? Well, Young Heroes of History is just what you may be looking for.

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