Book Three: Off to Fight

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otflargeDisgusted by the violence of the John Brown raid, George Adams adopts the state of Virginia and its cause as his own.

As a boy growing up in 1860, however, all George wants to do is find friends and be accepted.  When he joins a gang, and they include him in all of their mischief, George is ecstatic to finally be one of the boys.  Unfortunately, when Fort Sumter is fired upon and Virginia leaves the Union, George finds all of his
friends signing up for the war.

As a loyal member of the gang, George goes along with them and signs up to fight even though he is only 14.  Unfortunately
for George, the war does not go well for the South.  Even though they win the battles, the Army of Northern Virginia finds the North destroying their countryside, and starving their people.

Finally the battle of Fredericksburg provides George with his greatest challenge. When the North’s cannons destroy the city, George is horrified.  With homes shattered and families destitute, George finds little comfort in yet another Southern victory.  Then when he saves a young orphan girl hiding in the woods, George realizes that he is the only one who can keep this poor, starving, young girl alive.  The problem is that he is a soldier who has to go off to fight, and she can’t live without him!

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