Send ‘Em South

Book One: Send ‘Em South

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Book One: Send ‘Em South

The fighting had not yet begun. Many people hoped it never would; some people felt it was only a matter of time and a few were even trying to force it right away. The lines had been drawn and the sides chosen: Free, slave, rich, poor, northerner, southerner, abolitionist, immigrant, Indian. They all had a stake in the battle that someday would come. The year was 1858 and the people of the United States of America were desperately trying to avoid a civil war. In a world of hatred, fear and mistrust, two young people tried to make sense of it all.  David, the son of an Irish immigrant father and abolitionist mother was treated like an outsider in the neighborhood.  His...

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Book Excerpt: Send ‘Em South

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Book Excerpt:  Send ‘Em South

The main protagonist, Lisa, a 12 year old runaway slave, and her father Jack are headed for Boston via the Underground Railroad.   They made it from Savannah to Baltimore smuggled on a merchant ship.  At this portion of their dangerous journey they are on foot in Connecticut…) ———- They walked most of the evening, Lisa again following the North Star but this time they were walking a little slower than they had before. Although they were both excited to be only one state away from their destination, they were not as worried now that they had experienced a friendly face. By the time it was dawn they had covered very little territory and were even...

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Critical Reviews: Send ‘Em South

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Critical Reviews:  Send ‘Em South

“Send ‘Em South is a gripping tale…The book is well written in an easy to understand format, based on facts, that young adults will find easy to read. The story is filled with love and sadness, dedication and sacrifice. You will be captivated by these young heroes and want to travel with them through history. If you are a fan of American history I encourage you to read these books. Even with my Canadian background I find this series to be very well written, gripping and full of mystery and intrigue.” — Wendy Hogan, Editor, http://www....

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Lesson Plans: Send ‘Em South

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Lesson Plans:  Send ‘Em South

Download  Lesson Plans for Send ‘Em South

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