Book One: Send ‘Em South

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sendemsouthlargeThe fighting had not yet begun. Many people hoped it never would; some people felt it was only a matter of time and a few were even trying to force it right away. The lines had been drawn and the sides chosen: Free, slave, rich, poor, northerner, southerner, abolitionist, immigrant, Indian. They all had a stake in the battle that someday would come. The year was 1858 and the people of the United States of America were desperately trying to avoid a civil war.

In a world of hatred, fear and mistrust, two young people tried to make sense of it all.  David, the son of an Irish immigrant father and abolitionist mother was treated like an outsider in the neighborhood.  His Irish heritage made him a stranger to the kids on the street and his mother=s money and friends made him an outcast to his old Irish buddies.  All he wanted was to be liked.

Lisa, a young slave on a rice plantation in Georgia, could never understand why her father accepted his life of slavery so easily.  So, when one day he took her hand and ran off into the woods she found it hard to believe she might actually be able to get that taste of freedom she always dreamed of.

The problem for them both was that slave catchers were determined to send Lisa and her Daddy back to the South even if they had to go to David=s hometown of Boston to get them!


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